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CoinCheckup Review

Coincheckup is a coin index that provides market analysis and statistics for the cryptocurrency industry.If you are a cryptocurrency trader or investor, this index allows you to track the market trends of different cryptocurrencies across the world.


CoinCheckup features four key sections namely, market, investment, analysis, and predictions.

The market section provides users with detailed information on popular digital currencies. This section shows the price, volume and market capitalization of every featured coin. In the investment section, gives the user detailed information about cryptocurrency companies, enabling them to make investment decisions fats.

You can also get a sneak peak of the performance indicators and statistics of each company featured in the Coin Checkup index by accessing the Analysis section.

The predictions section allows you to look at the future outlook of any cryptocurrency. This index uses formulas and calculations to project what a given cryptocurrency might cost in future.


Coincheck is a good site for informational purposes but its predictions are not always accurate. This is a good site for beginners and non-professional investors who need solid data on crypto coins.