An ICO listing website, ICO Whitelists provides a real-time list of ICOs with white lists. What is an ICO with a white list? One may ask. ICOs with a white list are those that require would be investors to register by completing a Know Your Customer process before the ICO enters its actual sale stage.

Additionally, users get to set up their wallets before the sale kicks off, meaning that a crowd sale can take minutes because every participator has an account. The downside of ICOs with white lists is that once you miss out on the white list, there’s no way you’ll participate in the ICO itself. Missing on an ICO just because you missed out on a white list is a frustrating experience. ICO Whitelists exists to help users take advantage of ICOs with white lists, without missing out on an opportunity to invest on the same.The site has emerged as a leading service provider and the number one source of white-listed ICOs. Generally, ICOs with whitelists are potentially lucrative and this website makes it possible for anyone to invest in any of those projects. The site also features some completed ICOs to give users an overview of what to expect.The company was founded by Alex Svanevik.

In all, ICO Whitelist has a Telegram Tracker tool that is updated every 15 minutes. Using this tool, investors can easily track the ICOs whose community is growing most. This website vets all ICOs using a rating platform. It lists over 1000 ICOs, partnering with key players in the cryptocurrency industry to provide users with a balanced, verified and reliable ICO ratings, reviews and statistics.


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